- A main building for the administration and logistics. This will be built on a 4,000 m2 plot by the main track.

- meditation huts, 12 to 20 m² large, built on stilts at auspicious places in the forest which extends to about 7,5 acres.

-  Cultivation of lavender, medicinal and aromatic herbs and plants (upon an area of 3,70 acres) will further support the retreat center. The remaining area will be landscaped as a botanical garden dedicated to the preservation of medium altitude flora.

All the plans of the buildings as well as a general map of the project will be made available on the web as soon as they are finalised.

Project’s history and situation at present :

- Purchase of the land (August 2007)

- creation of the association, FPMT Study Group (December 2007)

- Installation of all mains water and electricity services (March 2008)

- Clearing of the land and preparation for lavender planting (June, July and September 2008)


- Opening a track leading into the woods for the transportation of materials necessary to build the huts (August 2008)


       Preparation of a plot for planting the lavender                            Site for a first meditation hut